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Wrong Foot Amputated

This song is by Bob Rivers and appears on the album Vol. 2-Best Of Twisted Tunes (1997).

Wrong foot amputated
Wrong foot amputated
He got the wrong foot amputated

The doctor had compassion he tried to cure my disease
I was sweating on the way to the op room gave me sedatives to put me at ease

They put me on a gurney in a hospital gown
They gave me anesthetic and they set my legs down
"You won't fell a thing" is what the doctor told me
"We're gonna whack it off, whack it off, whack it off, whack it off"

Hey man you must be kidding me, take a look
He got the wrong foot amputated
Hey you should have cut the other knee, take a bow
He got the wrong foot amputated

Hey that leg was mine, you mean to tell me that this stuff happens all the time
Hey this ain't my day

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