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Civil Defense Spot: Pattern of Survival

This song is by Bob Hope and appears on the compilation Atomic Platters: Cold War Music From the Golden Age of Homeland Security (2005).

Friends, this is Bob Hope. If an atom bomb were to hit your home city would you know what to do?
Remember one explosion of an atom bomb could kill 75,000 and maim 100,000
This is only one kind of a disaster which could strike
In addition to many forms of enemy action, there are the dangers of fire, flood, earthquake and traffic
Knowing what to do before, during and after a disaster can improve your chances of survival
There is something you can do and do now. You can learn a pattern of survival
Your local Office of Civil Defense is ready to help
Persuade your club, your church, your friends and your neighbors to help to learn to live
Remember this is the Atomic Age. No one can escape its hazards, but everyone can prepare
Listen carefully - what you are about to hear can save your life
Do you know the siren signal in case of atomic attack? Do you know how to find shelter?
Do you know how to give first aid?
Do you know what will be done for your safety?
For further details, consult your local Office of Civil Defense

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