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Deep In The Heart Of Nowhere (1986)Edit

Bob Geldof - Deep in the Heart of Nowhere

Deep in the Heart of Nowhere

  1. This Is The World Calling
  2. In The Pouring Rain
  3. August Was A Heavy Month
  4. Love Like A Rocket
  5. I Cry Too
  6. When I Was Young
  7. This Heartless Heart
  8. The Beat Of The Night
  9. Truly, True Blue
  10. Pulled Apart By Horses
  11. Words From Heaven
  12. Good Boys In The Wrong
  13. Night Turns To Day
  14. Deep In The Heart Of Nowhere

The Vegetarians Of Love (1990)Edit

Bob Geldof - The Vegetarians Of Love

The Vegetarians Of Love

  1. A Gospel Song
  2. Love Or Something
  3. The Great Song Of Indifference
  4. Thinking Voyager 2 Type Things
  5. Big Romantic Stuff
  6. Crucified Me
  7. The Chains Of Pain
  8. A Rose At Night
  9. No Small Wonder
  10. Walking Back To Happiness
  11. Let It Go
  12. The End Of The World

The Happy Club (1993)Edit

Bob Geldof - The Happy Club

The Happy Club

  1. Room 19 (Sha La La La Lee)
  2. Attitude Chicken
  3. The Soft Soil
  4. A Hole To Fill
  5. The Song Of The Emergent Nationalist
  6. My Hippy Angel
  7. The Happy Club
  8. Lie Down On Me
  9. Too Late God
  10. Roads Of Germany
  11. A Sex Thing
  12. The House At The Top Of The World

Sex, Age & Death (2001)Edit

Bob Geldof - Sex, Age & Death

Sex, Age & Death

  1. One for Me
  2. $6,000,000 Loser
  3. Pale White Girls
  4. The New Routine
  5. Mudslide
  6. Mind in Pocket
  7. My Birthday Suit
  8. Scream in Vain
  9. Inside Your Head
  10. 10:15

How To Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell (2010)Edit

Bob Geldof - How To Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell

How To Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell

  1. How I Roll
  2. Blowfish
  3. She's a Lover
  4. To Live in Love
  5. Silly Pretty Thing
  6. Systematic 6-Pack
  7. Dazzled by You
  8. Mary Says
  9. Blow
  10. Here's to You

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Dead End Street
  2. Do The Strand
  3. Drive In Saturday
  4. Huge Birdless Silence
  5. New Age
  6. Pictures Of Lily
  7. The Elephants Graveyard
  8. The Late John Garfield Blues
  9. Venus
  10. Yeah, Definitely
  11. Young & Sober

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