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To Be Alone With You

This song is by Bob Dylan and appears on the album Nashville Skyline (1969).

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To Be Alone With You
To be alone with you
Just you and me
Now won't you tell me true
Ain't that the way it ought to be?

To hold each other tight
The whole night through
Everything is always right
When I'm alone with you

To be alone with you
At the close of the day
With only you in view
While evening slips away

It only goes to show
That while life's pleasure's with you
The only one I know
Is when I'm alone with you

They say the night time is the right time
To be with the one you love
Too many thoughts get in the way in the day
But you're always what I'm thinking of

I wish the night was here
Bringing me all of your charms
When only you are near
To hold me in your arms

I'll always thank the Lord
When my working day is through
I get my sweet reward
To be alone with you

Written by:

Bob Dylan

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