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Heart of Mine

This song is by Bob Dylan and appears on the album Shot of Love (1981) and on the box set Biograph (1985).

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Heart of Mine
Heart of mine be still
You can play with fire but you'll get the bill
Don't let her know
Don't let her know that you love her
Don't be a fool, don't be blind
Heart of mine

Heart of mine go back home
You got no reason to wander, no reason to roam
Don't let her see
Don't let her see that you need her
Don't put yourself over the line
Heart of mine

Heart of mine go back where you been
It'll only be trouble for you if you let her in
Don't let her hear
Don't let her know where your'e going
Don't untie the ties that bind
Heart of mine

Heart of mine so malicious and so full of guile
Give you an inch and you'll take a mile
Don't let yourself fall Don't let yourself stumble
If you can't do the time, don't do the crime
Heart of mine


Written by:

Bob Dylan

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