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Everything Is Broken (Alternate Version)

This song is by Bob Dylan and appears on the compilation album Tell Tale Signs (2008).

Broken nights, broken days
Broken leaves on broken trees
Broken treaties, broken vows
Broken hands on broken ploughs.
Ain't no use runnin', honey
Ain't no use jokin'
Nothin's workin'
Everything broken

Broken lives hangin' by a thread
Broken bones in a broken bed
Broken mirror, broken chair
Broken roads goin' nowhere
Broken words never meant to be spoken
Can't help it honey
Everything broken

I sent you roses once from a heart that was truly grieved
Sent you roses someone else must have received

Broken clock on a broken wall
Broken voices in a broken hall
Broken beginnings, broken ends
Streets are filled with broken friends
Take a deep breath, baby, feel like you're chokin'
Tell me the truth now
Everything broken

Seen James Dean in a picture once, comin' in from the cold,
Said, "Geez I hope to look that good, if I get to be that old."

Broken plants on a broken floor
Broken key for a broken door
Broken idols, broken heroes
Broken numbers adding up the zeroes
Hound dogs howlin', bull frogs croakin'
It ain't easy, baby
Everything broken


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