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Emotionally Yours

This song is by Bob Dylan and appears on the album Empire Burlesque (1985).

Original video
Come baby find me
Come baby remind me
Of where I once begun
Come baby show me
Show me you know me
Tell me you're the one
I could be learning
You could be yearning
To see behind closed doors
But I will always be
Emotionally yours
Come baby rock me
Come baby lock me
Into the shadows of your heart
Come baby teach me
Come baby reach me
Let the music start
I could be dreaming
But I keep believing
You're the one I'm living for
And I will always be
Emotionally yours
Its like my whole life never happened
When I see you its as if I never had a thought
I know this dream it might be crazy
But it's the only one I've got
Come baby shake me
Come baby take me
I would be satisfied
Come baby hold me
Come baby help me
My arms are open wide
I could be unravelling
Wherever I'm travelling
Even to foreign shores
But I will always be
Emotionally yours

Written by:

Bob Dylan

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