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The ADD Song

This song is by Bob & Tom.

Original video
Oh, it's the latest thing
It's coming everywhere
And If you do not have it
Then you're completely square
Anyone can get it
It's absolutely free
It's fun for you and me
And they call it ADD

ADD, you gotta love it
Everybody has a little of it
It doesn't mean you are a bad person
But it might be bad if you're a surgeon

(I am now cutting into the abdominal cavity. I think I have a cavity. My tooth is killing me. My cousin's a dentist. My uncle's a vegetarian. I like asparagus. Sometimes it makes my pee smell funny, though. Why am I holding a liver?)

It's not as bad as leprosy
It is nothing to lament
Unless you are the President

(My fellow Americans, the Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor. I have an aunt named Pearl. She bought me comic books. I like Batman. His car shot flames. I got scalded by hot water when I was a kid. My brother can swallow a tennis ball.)

It's as easy as one, two-
(Hey look, a pigeon!)

It's fun no matter where you're at
Except perhaps if you're in the sack
(Oh, yeah. Who's your daddy? I should call my dad. It's his birthday next week. He used to take me fishing. I love fish. Fish and chips. Mmm!)

ADD, you gotta love it
Everybody has-
(Do you smell bacon?)
Nobody can disagree
It's fun for you and me
And they call it ADD

Written by:

Sean Morey


  • Vocals, acoustic guitar: Sean Morey

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