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He Said She Said

This song is by Bob & Tom.

(Ah Hahahahaha)

She said, " You look handsome today dear."
He heard, " I just bought something really expensive."

(Crew laughs)

He said, " Are you having an affair!?"
She heard, " Cuz I am, and it's great!"

(Crew laughs)

She said, " Do I look fat in these pants?"
He heard, " Do you ever want to have sex again?"

(Crew laughs histerically)

He said, " You look great in those pants!"
She heard, " I am totally trained!"

(Crew laughs)

She said, " It was fun visiting your mother."
He heard, " You owe me big time!!"

(Crew laughs)

He said, " I bought you something from Victoria Secret."
(man laughs in background)
She heard, " And could you wear this bag over your head too?"

(Crew laughs histerically)

She said, " Was it good for you!?"
He heard, " Cuz I hope someone had fun!"

(Crew laughs)

She said, " We need to talk."
He heard, " You need a lawer!"

(Crew laughs histerically)

He said, " Would you mind squeezing the toothpaste from the bottom?"
She heard, " Do you mind living with an anal retentive-narotic?"

(Crew laughs histerically)

She said, " You were snoring again last night."
He heard, " Do you have to BREATHE!?!?"

(Crew laughs, one man laughs longer than crew)

He said, " I'm thinking about buying a motercycle."
She heard, " I'm in the mood for a BIG fight."

(Crew laughs)

She said, " Would you go clothes shopping with me?"
He heard, " Can I pull your fingernails out with PLIERS!!"

(Crew loses it with laughter)

He said, " I thought our waitress was very nice."
(man laughs once)
She heard, " I'll be thinking about her during sex!"

(Crew laughs)

She said, " This commercial is so beautiful..."
He heard, " I'm getting my period!"

(Crew laughs, woman in crew laughs loudest)

He said, " Lets try something new tonight.?"
She heard, " Lets see if you're double jointed!!"

(Crew laughs)

She said, " Do you mind not watching football!?"
He heard, " Do you mind if i chop off your BALLS!?!?"

(Crew laughs histerically)

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