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Bo Fo Sho (2008)Edit

Bo Burnham - Bo Fo Sho - EP
Bo Fo Sho - EP
  1. Bo' Fo' Sho'
  2. H-O-A-R
  3. High School Party (Girl)
  4. 3.14 Apple Pi
  5. Sunday School
  6. My Whole Family...

Bo Burnham (2009)Edit

Bo Burnham - Bo Burnham
Bo Burnham
  1. I'm Bo Yo
  2. My Whole Family... (Live)
  3. Bo Fo' Sho' (Live)
  4. Love Is... (Live)
  5. The Perfect Woman (Live)
  6. High School Party (Girl) (Live)
  7. Klan Kookout (Live)
  8. New Math (Live)
  9. I'm Bo Yo (Live)
  10. A Love Ballad (Live)
  11. Rehab Center for Fictional Characters
  12. Welcome to YouTube
  13. Little Adolf

Words Words Words (2010)Edit

Bo Burnham - Words Words Words
Words Words Words
  1. Words, Words, Words (Studio)
  2. Oh Bo (Studio)
  3. What's Funny
  4. Ex-Girlfriend/Racial Humor
  5. Men & Women
  6. One Man Shows
  7. Ironic
  8. Binary Reality
  9. Words, Words, Words
  10. A Prayer/How Do We Fix Africa?
  11. Haikus/Sonnet/Shakespeare
  12. Rant
  13. Theoretical Dick Jokes/Statistics
  14. Art Is Dead
  15. Traditional Stand-Up
  16. Oh Bo

what. (2013)Edit

Bo Burnham - What.
  1. Intro
  2. Sad
  3. I F--k Sl--ts
  4. WDIDLN?
  5. Left Brain, Right Brain
  6. #Deep
  7. Beating Off in A Minor
  8. Poems
  9. From God's Perspective
  10. Andy the Frog
  11. Out of the Abyss
  12. Repeat Stuff
  13. We Think We Know You
  14. Repeat Stuff (Studio)
  15. Eff
  16. Nerds
  17. Channel 5 News: The Musical
  18. Hell of a Ride

Other SongsEdit

  1. Bo Fo Sho
  2. Kill Yourself
  3. Love Is...
  4. My "Little" Secret
  5. Oh My God
  6. Lower Your Expectations

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