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I'll Be There (Voodoo)

This song is by BoDeans and appears on the album Home (1989).

Outside loves in two, holding on tight
Like people do. Inside love is a flame.
Words don't work when we try to
Explain, and it all falls down. Fool baby,
I'm your clown. When it all falls down,
I'll be there. 'Cause time keeps tricklin'
Away. We'll be together now, someday.
Holdin' on for heaven's sake. Don't
Worry 'bout the time or the love we'll
Make, when it all falls down. Walls been
Closin' in, and I carry your heart of tin.
When tears that fall like rain, well,
Here we go baby, here we go again.
Voodoo... I'll be there when you call on me.
I'll be there when you fall.

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