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Do I Do

This song is by BoDeans and appears on the album Black and White (1991).

Do I, do I
Do I, do I
Do I, do I love you?
I do, I do
I do, I do
I do, I do, I love you

Angels falling in the streets tonight
Selling love in colors black and white
Reachin' out for the final touch, but
Sometimes, baby, well it's much too much

There you go again, you're riding ponies
You're takin' lovers for your one and only
But, sometime baby, you'll finally see
Ain't nobody for you like me

Well she kissed me softly, said "Now don't be shy
Just do what I said and don't you ask me why"
She kissed me
Once on the right side and
Once on the left now
I don't go lookin' for nobody else, I...

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