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This song is by BoDeans and appears on the album Home (1989).

Well, the night's comin' on like a soulful
Song, a tuned-down melody. Broken hearts,
Corner bar, wonderin' where you are.
Soakin' dreams and old memories.
Well, you begged me to stay. Still, I ran
Away. Too young, too foolish to see, there
Ain't very much more than a touch of
The love that you gave to me. So, you
Bring on the night. Baby I'll be all right.
I promise not to feel no pain. No I won't
Say a word of the lessons learned from
Beaujolais in the September rain. I'm
Lost thinking of our one night of love.
Beaujolais in the September rain. Now,
The years go by with the blink of an eye.
Memories, they stay the same. And I
Think about you the whole night through.
Beaujolais in the September rain.

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