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Mera Noire

This song is by Blutengel and appears on the album Tränenherz (2011).

I leave the memories behind me
A secret sign?
I never felt like this before.
And when the rain is falling on my skin like holy lights
I've found the love that I missed so long.

Ever since I looked into the depths of his eyes
My heart laughs and I know that he is mine.
And in my head there's a circus, my thoughts are going wild
It is right? It is wrong? What's the truth?

Sleepless nights and crazy days
I want to scream our loud but I've lost my voice.
There is a fight between my heat and my soul
I know that I have to decide at some point.

And when I wake up, I can see his face in my mind
I feel his touch, I feel his breath.
But I cry and I'm shivering 'cos my heart is divided
It's so hard to me to choose.

Maybe there'll be a day
When I won't run away
No more of all these problems.
When will the story end?
Will it have a bitter end?
Or will it be a dream?

So fary away – in your arms, by your side
Shades on my soul – I see your smile
Fear of my heart – hide the truth deep inside
Right in the dark – I feel your love.

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