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This song is by Blutengel and appears on the album Labyrinth (2007).

She was not one of them
She never had a friend
She was the one that got teased
She was not one of them

She always stands alone
Nobody gave her a chance
She was always pushed around
She was not one of them

She's in love with the devil, she's in love with Lucifer
This is her revenge for all the years of hate and tears

Fire's falling from the sky, she's burning down her past
She starts a new life - to hell with Jesus Christ!

Her parents died by accident
She never felt in love with someone
Nobody understood her fear
And every night she cried for help

She prayed to God 'cause she was told to
But he never spoke to her
She felt so cold and left alone
But then the fallen angel came...

But then the fallen angel came to heal the pain inside her heart...
...Her broken heart...
She closed her eyes and saw his goodness and the truth - she's not alone
He's always there


Written by:

Chris Pohl

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