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Evil Ways

This song is by Blues Saraceno and appears on the Video game soundtrack Rebel Galaxy (2015).

This song is featured in the video game Rebel Galaxy.
It's been so long
Long hard days
They don't say
Gods change my ways
Change my ways
These (those) evil ways

So I set out
Cross that way
Strike them down
To make them pay
Change their ways
Their evil ways

But I can't hide
And I won't hide
My evil ways

I found out
The hate grow cool
The god rise up
Damn my soul
'Cause I ain't change
Change my ways
I ain't change

So I won't hide
I won't hide
I can't hide yeah!
I can't hide hey!
My evil ways

Well I can't hide
And I won't hide
Well I can't hide
'Cause I can't hide
My evil ways

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