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Gangster Love

This song is by Blue System and appears on the album Walking On A Rainbow (1987).

Oh she said voulez-vous
She's a lady too
A broken heart babe it's late
I said oh mon amour
A midnight rendezvous
Out of sight out of mind out of dreams

Oh you're killin' me with gangster love
You're givin' me a hangover
I'm feelin' like a broken toy
Oh like oh like a lonely boy
You're killin' me with gangster love
I'm shoutin' out it's quite enough
You're breakin' me to death for joy
Oh like oh like a broken boy

I save my love toujours
Crazy like you do
Smoke without fire lady
A mend is hard to do
Oh I'm missin' you
Out of sight out of mind out of dreams

Music by:

Dieter Bohlen

Lyrics by:

Dieter Bohlen

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