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This song is by Blue October and appears on the album History For Sale (2003).

How am I supposed to breathe?
I try to relax. I touch your still frame
So I can watch you closer
And study the ways I believe I belong to you... to you...
I scratch at your waist line... your doll hair
I dig up the thought of how your eyes glow
So I make you my religion, my collision, my escape goat
So have I found your secret weak spot, baby?

(Chorus) Can you pretend I'm amazing?
I can pretend I'm amazing...
Instead of what we both know
Instead of what we both know
I cut to the punch line baby
Can we pretend I'm amazing
Instead of what we both know

And now our history is for sale
And for that I apologize
You see you're my only know how
The study of when I believed I belonged to you... to you...
You see I've made you into something delicious,
My sweet ghost
So have I found your secret weak spot, baby?


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