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In Absentia

This song is by Blue Dahlia and appears on the album Blue Dahlia (1996).

Dusk and the crimson gray
The nimbus and albatross prey
Mixing in the ultramarine
Lead this uncharted course
Demon of the watermark crest
Catatonic is my desire

Lured into in absentia
Maneuvering tides
Lured into in absentia
I refuse to unwind
Lured into in absentia
High above the albatross flies

Blue moonlit shadows play
Across the star-bleached waves
Coaxing all to share their dream
A mournful cry for love lost
Calling a life left behind
The sea is now my guardian
Catatonic is my desire

Pulled by ripples of my mind
The novelty of a fool and fates rhyme
I don't need to have a reason why

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