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This song is by Blue Dahlia and appears on the album Blue Dahlia (1996) and on the album Live at the Vicker's Theater (2001).

It's a wheel in a wheel, it's a wheel in a wheel. (repeated)

Surrounded by visions of my past
I want to put it all to rest.
Another day goes slowly by
But I can't leave it all behind.

You're telling me to wake up,
See how things really are.

I long for peace of mind,
Control over space and time.
I long to unravel the rhyme
That binds me tightly inside.

You're trying to trust me.
It takes more than you'll ever know.

Far from day or night
My fears are swept aside.
Eager to be free
Of this reality.

My heart beats fast and I can't escape
This tangled web, this fantasy of fate.
I cannot cry, I cannot break the spell.
I pray for mercy but it brings me hell.

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