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Colored Ribbons

This song is by Blue Dahlia and appears on the album Blue Dahlia (1996).

Colored ribbons mark the pages
Of this civilized world
Verses dedicated to each moment of birth
Walks beneath the spangled canopy
Lockets left preserve this reality
Farewell from son to mother
Lover to lover, age to age

The civilized world
Memories are gifts from the senses
Teachings which hold the power to protect us
Our sense of who we are
Can be a guiding star

Each glimpse of life shrinks so casually
Before our eyes, beneath our touch
I call upon these cherished times
To rescue me in times of need
I'm not ashamed to admit I fear death

After all, this is all I know
These frail pages clutch at life
A feeble attempt to preserve what's left

I'm getting tired, slowing down
All this talk of life can bring me down
Walks beneath the spangled canopy
That is what I need
A little more indulgence in fantasy
Should cure my need

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