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Come And Get It

This song is by Blue Cheer and appears on the album Outsideinside (1968).

Let me hear, let me hear the way you feel
I been gone so long, I been riding on a spinning wheel
Flashin' and scratchin', just a-feeling my pulse
Yellin' and screaming and pound on the wall

Coast to coast I been travelin' and I got to get more
I been runnin' all night just tryin' to make a score
Hustle it, so fuss it, just make it some chick
Pickin' on dolls and makin' that trick

She's the piece of heart and
I'm screamin' and a-kickin' it down
Faster and harder, keep on drivin' it down the line
Lookin' for head and feelin' so free
Rubbin' my own in this ecstasy

Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me if you see
It's the only way, the only way that I want it to be
I can't explain, it's just not fate
I got to keep on, this time I just ain't late

I hope you understand, I'm in love, I'm in love with you
Give ya anything, anything that I'm able to
The way I feel, it's easy to see
Let me hear the way it oughta be

Written by:

Dickie Peterson Wikipedia16, Leigh Stephens Wikipedia16, Peter Wagner

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