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I Don't Miss You At All

This song is by Blue Café and appears on the album Four Seasons (2008).

Hello boy let's do the show
You are what I like the most
I don't think we need these clothes
So baby
Can you give me a little more

Before we turn the light off
Don't ask me what's wrong with love
Now I will not let you go
'Cause baby
There is one thing you should know

I don't miss you at al...
So hold me now 'cause you're about to love

Now it's only you and me
Tell me can you feel the heat
This is how it's gonna be
So baby
Show me what I'd like to see

You can love me if you want
But you'll never be the one
Sorry boy but you missed out
'Cause baby
There is nothing in my heart

Hello boy we meet again
I remember when you said
"Every girl is just the same"
So baby
Listen what I've got to say

Did you like the game we played
Everything will come my way
We're not more than just good friends
So baby
This is how the story ends

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