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Risk It All

This song is by Blu Cantrell and appears on the album Bittersweet (2003).

Original video
1-What I do without the joy you bring me?
Where would I be without the love you give so freely?
I'd risk it all for you
There's nothing I won't do

I could search for two lifetimes and never find
One who captures my heart, brings me new life
Then came you
My weary heart has been renewed
The secrets of life have now been revealed
The source of strength for me is in your smile, so real
My life depends on you, oh, oh
You make all my dark days so blue
Tell me why

Repeat 1

I try and memorize the many faces that you make
Believing in my heart that I will get to spend my days
Loving you, oh, oh
And all the simple things that you do
You cling to me and I desperately rely on you
It's like love's first kiss, you never get enough of it
Hope is too far out of reach
You're the keeper of all my dreams, yeah
Tell me, baby

Repeat 1

It's so amazing
There's no comparing
This love is like nothing that I've ever known
Keep me at a loss for words
Oh, my heart still yearns
Baby, I have to have you, all I need you more and more

Repeat 1

So I will give you all of my heart
And that's just the start, baby
There's nothing I'll withhold from you
Forever more, you're my heart and soul
You're all that I adore, baby

Repeat 1 to fade

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