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This song is by Bloodshoteye and appears on the album Without Any Remorse (2004).

Boodstained hands, I'm covered in it
How I love the taste
In my mind, I still hear your cries
Begging for your life
Urges, I cannot control
Desires to feed from your soul
Ripping into your flesh
Bringing you to your death
Sentenced, an eternity of pain
Your life will never be the same
Cannot resist all that tempts one
To live in sin
Fuct up beyond all recognition
I am who I am and I'm not ashamed of it
I feed off the fear that I see when I look into your eyes
Death in disguise
Threat to mankind
You'll swallow your pride
When I end, destroy your life
Your imminent demise is unfolding before you
Like a nightmare born of my vengeance
No act of contrition will avail you of my purpose
Filled with conviction and a taste for retribution
Wondering which path led you to this
As I take your last breath
Taken away all that you have known
Facing death all alone
Flashes back, no waking up
What do you want some more
Choking on blood and guts
Sorry I didn't mean to pry
Fuct up beyond all recognition
Fucked up beyond, Fucked up beyond all recognition
Fucked up beyond all recognition, as I take your last breath

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