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Drug Driven Insane

This song is by Bloodshoteye and appears on the album Without Any Remorse (2004).

I am who I am - Drug Driven Insane
I will always be - Drug Driven Insane
I will never change - Drug Driven Insane
I was born this way
I don't want more I fucking need more
Do you know where I can score
You take 1 and I'll take 2 or 3
They don't call me chronica for nothing
Joint in my mouth
Booze in my blood
Looks like I'm getting fucked up
This is the way I live my life
This is the way I want to be
This is the way I live my life
This is the way I'll die
If you don't like what you see
Then don't fucking look
I'm not about to change
My ways for anyone
I'll smoke till I drop
And drink till I'm gone
No one will ever make me stop
This is my life I do what I want
Never look behind caught up in the past
With a new day comes a new buzz
Looks like I'm getting fucked up
Drank over my limit
Smoking more than a bit
Snorted more than a sniff
Now I'm ready to trip
I am so fucking high
I'm so alive
Come on give it a try
Drug Driven Insane

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