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Mafia Lane

This song is by Bloods & Crips and appears on the album Bangin' On Wax 2... The Saga Continues (1994) and on the compilation album Bangin' On Wax: Greatest Hits (1996).

(Big wy)
What's up to all the buster-ass niggaz
Punk-ass bitches
Swingin' on the nuts of the WOOP! WOOP!
For the motherfuckin' M and the L nigga
West Sider, see-K Riders
You know I'm sayin', all that shit
What's up be -Brazy?

(Lil' hawk and big wy)
Nigga, tell 'em where you from
West Side Inglewood
Blood, tell 'em your name
Lil' Hawk Red Riding Hood
The C.M.G. is the hood that I clizzaim
D.L.B. Mafia/Lanes and ain't shit changed
You Ricket niggaz must respect this
M and the L Y.G.'s and can't no Crabs check this
Crab niggaz need to kill the noise
'Cause they don't want to fuck with us block cluck boys
I'm on the mission, nigga
And there go the G-Ride
While I hop inside showin' these Crabs what that be like
The see-Side ready to want to fuck with this?
Slippin' and slidin', see-K Ridin'
And fuck the Crabs, nigga this is M and the L
I rather let them fools straight burn in hell
Four menace and a mile, Y.G. Lil' Hawkster
Denver Lanes and them Crenshaw Mafia, nigga

Woop woop, woop woop
Mafia Lane
(West Side is in the motherfuckin' house, nigga)
Woop woop, woop woop
Mafia Lane

(Lil' laniak)
Hoo-ridin' on the West/Side, a lil' something something
The nigga that tripped out but it's the same nigga that's comin'
With the Mafia/Lanes runnin' eveything if you ask me
Hawk and Wy in the house, watchin these niggaz that's tryin' to blast me
While the Crabs get bucked, while YG's on our nuts
Tryin' to stomp not givin' a fuck, bangin' out Coupes, Cut-
Cutlasses and Regals, Desert Eagles in our laps
Not to stash, we on the map for bustin' on Crabs (WOOP WOOP)
Red flags, khakis saggin' lower than before
That nigga ?from? 10-4th on 109th to Figueroa
Ain't no joke, Crabs, you smoked, you say "loc" you die
Enter at your own risk and welcome to the West/Side
Where hoo-ride on the flee side to K ride (WOOP WOOP)
Tell your friends it's that fool Lil' Laniak Duse
With the khaki suit, ??? boots, I'm always G'd up
Smokin' some weed up, throwin' the L and the be up
To you, him, them, the same with me
In the D-E-N-V-E-are-L-A-N-E
Stoned, drugged off that bud, throwin' up Blood, khakis to our knees
Bitches dick teasin' gets bust in they mugs
What's Wy and Hawkster?
The mafia's the house!
Bangin' with the Lane and aimin' the Tec and the frame is out

Woop woop, woop woop
Mafia Lane (Woop Woop)
Woop woop, woop woop
Mafia Lane

(Big wy)
How could a Crab go up against a Dog?
Yeah, bitch it's me: Big Wy Y.G., uh
With the untold mystery story to tell
About the motherfuckin' West/Side M and the L
We bring Crabs to they knees
Bow down and scream "please!"
I wear up beanie and jeans at a hundred degrees
Set trips, I kill Rips, M and L on that ass
The enemy shooter gangsta mack
Disrespect, I call you Crab (WOOP WOOP)
I drink gin and take weed to the brain
I smoke weed to pause
And hit you up off the "more bounce"
And that's real, take it how you want to take it
Killin' friends and hoes
Claimin' tears of foes
You want to chuck? Bring a gun, nigga, fuck a talk
I give up M and the L, WOOP WOOP when I Blood-walk
Stomp to your hood, I got your head on the ceiling
In the streets you slippin', steady dippin' you trippin'
See-Note you's a punk-ass Crab bitch
I got my strap throw aim at your cleavage
It's the L and the M, M and L the same
Nigga, peace to Rick James, Blood Mafia/Lanes

Woop woop, woop woop
Mafia Lane
Woop woop, woop woop
Mafia Lane
Woop woop, woop woop
Mafia Lane
Woop woop, woop woop
Mafia Lane
Woop woop, woop woop
Mafia Lane
Woop woop, woop woop
Mafia Lane...

Crenshaw mafia/denver lanes...

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