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This song is by Bloodrock and appears on the album Whirlwind Tongues (1974).

I'm lost in the jungle
Not really minding at all
Just one thing bothers me
How did I get here?

When you're in the jungle
What do you do for fun?
Dance with an antelope?
I doubt it

Speechless creatures and their families
Look at me with thought filled eyes
Plants and reptiles
Knowing things I'll never know

"Just who is that thief? Tell us what he wants!"
"Doesn't have much hair, neither back nor front!"
"Could he be a tree?"
"Not without some bark!"
"Maybe he's a friend"
"Let's go ask the aardvark!"

"Just who is that beast?"
"Are those his hands?"
"Not what you'd expect from a quadruped!"
"Doesn't speak the tongue of the jungle fowl!"
"Doesn't have the smell of the wolf that howls"

When I think about it
Crocodiles aren't all that crude
Even though they don't know
How I got here

I'm trapped in delusion
Lost in the Kingdom of Dreams
Could this be serious?
I doubt it

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