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The Witches Mountain

This song is by Bloodnut and appears on the album Blues from the Red Sons (2016).

The Preacher-Man won't tell me
Anything I don't already know...
He can't keep me from her

Bewitched I am!
Her hands caress my demons
She will take me down!

So I go up to her mountain
Through the forest, in the fog
Where the angels speak her name
In ancient tongue

Bewitched I am!
Though I taste the poison
Brought into your coven!

As I gazed down from the mountain,
Past the darkness in the trees
City lights, familiar skylines beckon me...

Bewitched I am,
And there is no escaping
She will lead me down!

So I walked into her quarters
Her reflection, menacing
And written with her lipstick on the mirror:

Leave your world behind and dwell in mine

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