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Unperfectly Perfect

This song is by Bloodflowerz and appears on the album 7 Benedictions / 7 Maledictions (2003).

a thrilling voice of pain told me i should better go
the growing thunder announced that the next wave will overflow me
despite of the storm my heart said no
i had to stay i could not go
the night came i waited for the rain
with hope in my heart, fire in my veins

my heart, my blood, my pain , my joy
my mind, my soul, my love, my tears
my heart, my blood, my pain, my joy
a fight in my breast, a search and an endless quest

my heart don't wanna think
my pain don't wanna laugh
my joy cannot despair
my mind can't stop to weigh my way

a thrilling voice told me that i should better stay
i questioned my heart and felt that it is not the perfect day
despite of the sun my heart said go
my soul said i know, but my mind no
who knows what is prudent, who knows what's right
the only to trust is this voice inside

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