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Raise The Dawn

This song is by Bloodflowerz and appears on the album 7 Benedictions / 7 Maledictions (2003).

a shooting star, shining so far, enlights the dark night
a melody enchanting me, a kiss from heaven
if i'd know how i'd do it now, i would change the world outside
i reach for the stars but they are so far
my heart cries for the moon
i paint pictures everyday, draw a perfect way
i know there'll come the day when dreams are real

open your heart and you see
all the secrets eyes can't see
open your heart for the dawn
where shadow and light is one

a virgin tree inside of me is bearing roses
i sing this song for all weak and all strong, for those who went wrong
every night and day there's a silent prayer, this stillness is a chance
romance is no misery in reality
all dreamers burn in the flames of passionate hearts

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