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Heart Of Stone

This song is by Bloodflowerz and appears on the album 7 Benedictions / 7 Maledictions (2003).

You fly with false wings too close to the sun
Built your throne near to babylon
You adore all you are, stand over everyone
You're alone

Your aims are so honest, empty words sound wise
Sell your truth when you speak so nice
The stars in your eyes are beautiful lies
Your heart is ice

In your prayer there is no love
Your arrow of peace kills all the doves

Mirror, mirror on the wall
- Is there someone who is better than we all
Mirror, mirror of myself
- Please show me the sins of my inner self

In your lonely heart of ice
Still lives a child who sadly cries

Mirror, mirror we're not alone, is there a tear to move a heart of stone
Is there enough space for us to live, is there enough air for us to breathe

Don't fly too high, I see you fall
Your deaf ears ignored the warning call
I see you fall, I see you crash from the sky
When will we fall, when will we crash from the sky
Mirror, mirror on the wall - is there someone who is better than we all

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