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Blood On The Dance Floor

This song is by Blood on the Dance Floor and appears on the album Let's Start A Riot (2007).

Slash gash terror whore
I like you better on the floor
Sock it to me ultra hot
Danger! Danger! On the spot
On the bed, give me head
Make you scream candy cream
Scene sluts like it super rough
That’s the way they like to fuck
I like to twirk, I like to hurt
Bitch don't make me fucking work
I'll lick it up, I'll suck it up
Now get on the floor, let’s fuck it up!
Now make your move into my room
And I'll whip out my dr. Doom
Ugh what the fuck...
Bitch just shut up and suck!

Let's rock our bodies in time into the beat
And you can feel it as we turn up the heat
I need to feel myself inside you so deep

Uh uh I like it rough
Uh uh I'll give it tough
Uh uh I'll make you lust
Uh uh I'll make you bust

Let’s start a riot!
Let’s start a riot!

It's like a porno flick!
I just can't stop this hit!
I'm poppin some explicit shit
I'm pure xxx
Redefine ultra seckz
Even your girlfriend says
He’s the best!
I'm just a naturalistic
Super stylistic
Fashion addicted
Glamor inflicted
Text me n00dz from your sidekick
Like oh my god becky did you see his dick?

There's blood on the dance floor
Will bring it once more
Can't stop until we drop
Uh hu
Can't stop until we pop
There's blood on the dance floor
Will bring it once more
Can't stop until we drop
Uh hu can't stop until we pop

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