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Shadow of the Quarter Sun

This song is by Blood Mortized and appears on the EP Bestial (2011).

I have seen the shadow of the quarter sun, could be a sign
A swarm of mercy passes through my veins, am I insane?
The pain that seemed to eat my soul away, is lead astray
Butt sooner than I know. the other me will appear

Shadow of the quarter sun
Lead me to a phase undone
Shadows show me mercy
I have left the world I knew
The sun has split my mind in two
The beginning of something new
Shadows show me mercy

Whart the fuck is wrong within my head, give me a clue
I hear the voices echo in my head, scream for death
This fucking torture is an everflowing constant pain

I am a stranger in my own sick mind, I'm left behind
The voices tell me to react in fear, or react in hate
When hatred takes control, I don't stand for my acts
Have that in mind when I take your life with an axe

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