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Master of Pain

This song is by Blood Mortized and appears on the album The Demon, The Angel, The Disease (2013).

Wolfs appetite, my chamber of pain
A torture cellar "to make you feel my reign"
Ironbar, your fear is so complete
Satisfaction fills me, there's no retreat

I follow my instinct, seduced by your flesh
Reach for the hammer, I wanna smash your face
A perfect love story, passion and pain
I look in your eyes and repeat
I'm your fucking god

Scissors touch your skin, I feel your trembling fear
Hunger for your weakening flesh "so hard to resist"
Taste your skin and blood so perfect
Last bite will end it all, your soul filled with my disease

This love affair must come to an end
I have another target in mind
Same passion, same procedure, I'm the master of pain
When the death rattle clear your mind
I pack my cases and kiss you goodbye
Another victim, another love, I'm the master of pain

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