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This song is by Blood Has Been Shed and appears on the album Spirals (2003).

I can't help but remember how our last conversation ended
Too much quiet hostility
Too much was left unsaid
Diamond tears shine brightly in the sunlight
There must be resolution

The dreams tire me
The hope has taken its toll
Everything I wanted it all has become a handful of broken glass

I'm slipping in pools of failed attempts
Coming full circle
Coming full circle to end it all I would never have dreamed
That constriction would still leave me breathing

Worry lines are etched in your face if only they were for me
If only they were for us
My flame is extinguishing right before your eyes
You can ignore that?
Smile the way that wins the world
Shades of blue and swirling gray
Are leaving me helpless
There really is very little time left for peace treaties
Put your John Hancock on the dotted line and keep a promise this time

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