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Faded Pictures Faded Memories

This song is by Blood Has Been Shed and appears on the album Novella Of Uriel (2001).

Well I hope you are satisfied
You gave me the push I needed
Ostracized for nothing at all
By all those I hold dear

"You aren't the same - maybe we should talk"

This is my suggestion - death to all emotion
Let this be the end of us
Bitter cold engulfs the soul

No more contact - forget my face
Stop knocking - I am not smiling
Behind the door no eloquent words
No desire to impress

I'm not looking for an apology from you
I'm looking for an opportunity to see you in pain

There will be no looking back again

Dig your fingers slowly into my wrist
White knuckle the blade
In hopes that I subside
I want to see the shade fall on your eyes
No longer my lover

Pray - you better pray
Pray to every god you know
And every forgotten deity
You better pray

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