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Ya' Still A Paper Gangster

This song is by Blood For Blood and appears on the album Revenge On Society (1998).

Allright listen, that's it, i've had enough. Pull up your fucking
pants straighten your hat why are you talking like that why are you
walking like that? Fucking think your ass is cute or somethin. Why
don't you go fucking listen to Aerao speed wagon and wear taggers like
your supposed to? This aint about your fantasy, this is about my fucking reality
why don't you go whitewash your fence or clean your daddys car or something
like that, you fucking suburban nerd!

Who the fuck do you think you are you've taken it a bit too far
Believing that you're king shit in your fake fantasy
A clown dressed to impress.
Soft core, Mickey Mouse and nothing less
Exposing you will make me rest
until then remember you're a bullshit fake paper gangster
You aint nothing but an image and a liar
A bullshit fake paper gangster, a punk ass motherfucker
could it be, you're really not from the streets, Could it be you saw it on TV?
The way you act, where I come from you'd never last
Could it be you're lying through your teeth?
Liar! Once long, long time ago, I was naive to all I know
People tried to push on to me their weak mentality
I woke up and I know I am real and not for show
Unlike you, who knows inside your soft
because you're a bullshit fake, paper gangster
You aint nothing but an image an a liar
A bullshit fake, paper gangster
A punk ass motherfucker
(I) I know what lies inside
(I know) what lies behind your lies
(what lies) behind your lies inside
(inside) I know your lies
You're just another fucking bullshit fake, paper gangster
You aint nothing but an image and a liar
A bullshit fake, paper gangster
a punk ass motherfucker
The life I've lived, the pain I've felt
with such things you've never dealt
So to me you are a maggot
So when you go and outcast me
and I can't do a fucking thing
know that I know inside you're weak!

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