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Skate Is Great

This song is by Blood and appears on the album Impulse To Destroy (1989).

Retribution - for the pain inside
Petitionfor mercy - blent with a vengeance and venture
Hate burns down - the boundary of responsibility
Contradiction beyond a glitter face - that only smiles
Creating a contentment - who freezes resistance up
Cold wake up - in your fanatical anger

NO REGRET for your foolish action
No resturation for the time being proud
NO REGRET for the impression before
No resturation - no creating - no contentment at all

Lost friends - interior decay
Alone with your minds - day by day
No resistance - indifferent screams
Cold wake up of grey dreams
Surround from false regret

No regret...

Lost friends...

-Dedicated to false politicians and friends...
(Ventilator 8/88)

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