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Beyond Time And Space

This song is by Blood and appears on the album Impulse To Destroy (1989).

Sometimes when you feel great and even better than ever before
Seem as if you could change the world and everything will be all right
You don't ask is this a dream you take this for real

Your mind takes off, but your body can't fly reality overuns your consciousness
Can you integrate the clinic will await, psychiatistss will say it'll be all right

Only a psychosis don't worry about this, take some medicaments
You can sleep at night
This is the way that our society treating people with a different sight
You are free again - what about your friends?
Do they understand so many questions?
You have realized nature never lies, but have you recognize the great illusions?
So called "I" our conscience fictions of society...

Who needs that the only truth - he's BEYOND TIME AND SPACE
Believe in your perception and do a little bit off
So you'll understand the hidden hunts of eternity!

(Bestial Bernd 5/88)

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