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This song is by Blonde Redhead and appears on the album In An Expression Of The Inexpressible (1998).

On you, I can't stop
You now how to fall
How to be and who to buy
Where to live
And when to lie
Visible invisible how to be desirable
Always you always me
Except your own defense

No not now
No not with myself all
I want is to be you
All you want is to be two
Visible invisible
How to be describable
Always you always me
Except your own defense

My last words
Were not amusing
I know but since
Then I thought
About what I can tell you
Kindly show you and give you
My head aches just as I speak
Of you I am not sure
I alone each man to himself
Like myself I see

This song,
Is you this song
Is full of you
All I want
Is to be two
This song...

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