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Blonde Redhead

This song is by Blonde Redhead.

Blonde redheads:

He walked away today...
I stood staring, no words there to say
the air around me tightened it's grip
and I fell down, down, down..

He stole my heart, And I let him win
No kiss goodbye, no amen
he walked away with me just wondering why....
made me cry.. thinking about what i couldv'e said
I'm just a blonde redhead..

So I went inside
and told myself I didn't care
Crying silently
praying hope was there
but I'm just dumb about things like love
cursing above..


I want my heart back
I want him to feel pain
want him to cry
like I do these days
but no hope can be found
cursing at the sky
so I'll just let him go
hopeing oneday I'll find...

Love again.. hope and trust
maybe, out there, there's someone I can love.
but till then, till I'm able to get off this bed
I'm just a, just a, just a..
blonde redhead......

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