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Dreamers & Giants

This song is by Blitzen Trapper and appears on the album Field Rexx (2004).

Sadness, if I am correct, is your name
Children walk slowly, throw rocks in the rain
Offer a dime or some bread by the kerb
Coffee cup, drink up, this place is disturbed

(Me, you...)

You seem so grown up, you're tossing your hair
Window-sill sitting, while strangers compare
Days are arranging, so nice and tight
Remember the story you told me that night,
When we were young...

("Ooh, ooh, ooh" x3)

Call the authorities, someone's been killed
Out on the freeway, where no one is filled
Dreamers and giants, they drink every night
Watch out for sadness, you know you're all right

(With me...)

("Ooh, ooh, ooh" x3)

Written by:

Blitzen Trapper

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