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Life Is

This song is by Bliss 66.

This place
now i lied to you face to face
So much for self control
Tied down
I'm bound
No, I can't get up off the ground
I'm such a wretched soul
Life is a long long road
Pain is a heavy load

These fears
These tears
Now i've cried for so many years
For some kind of helping hand
It's you
It's true
No, i never really had a clue
I know you'd understand
Life is a long long road
Pain is a heavy load
(1.. 2.. 3.. YEEAAAHHH)

Life is
A bliss
You're love is happiness
New life is in my soul
(repeat 4x)

Sometimes I wonder where I'd be
If I didnt have your hand to guide me
I'm not much on my own
You know that I'd find it quite frightening
If I didn't have you standin' beside me
I can't make it alone
(repeat 5x)

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