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Afterlife (2001)Edit

Bliss - Afterlife
  1. Lento
  2. If Heaven Closes
  3. Lost Soul
  4. The Suns of Afterlife
  5. Long Life
  6. The Whispering Sea
  7. Moon of Langa
  8. Blissful Moment
  9. Remember My Name
  10. Arapapa

Quiet Letters (2003)Edit

Bliss - Quiet Letters
Quiet Letters
Disc 1
  1. Sleep Will Come
  2. Breathe
  3. Right Here
  4. Dunia (new version)
  5. Song for Olabi (new version)
  6. Wish U Were There
  7. Kissing (new version)
  8. Evening Sun
  9. Manvantara
  10. Wish U Were Here (new version)
  11. Don't Look Back
  12. Quiet Letter
Disc 2
  1. Wish U Were Here (Charles Webster remix)
  2. Long Life (Herbert's 2000 UHT mix)
  3. Don't Look Back (Fug remix)
  4. Right Here (Bliss remix)
  5. Kissing (instrumental)
  6. Long Life (Bonobo instrumental remix)
  7. Dunia (Visti & Meyland)
  8. Long Life (Christopher Goze remix)
  9. Don't Look Back (Fug Dub2)

They Made History (2005)Edit

Bliss - They Made History
They Made History
  1. They Made History (Main Title)
  2. Unanswered Letters
  3. 96 Hours Waiting
  4. The Return
  5. A Chapter in History (Main Theme Piano Version)
  6. A Quiet Conversation
  7. Unrevealed (Interlude)
  8. When History Was Made
  9. Living in Exile
  10. A Last Meeting
  11. Reveal
  12. Answered Letters (Reprise)
  13. Ruler of the World
  14. They Made History (Original Version)
  15. Epilogue
  16. They Made History (End Title)
  17. How Would You Like to Be Remembered?

No One Built This Moment (2009)Edit

Bliss - No One Built This Moment
No One Built This Moment
  1. People Among Us
  2. Calling
  3. Trust in Your Love
  4. Overture
  5. So Still
  6. American Heart
  7. Mivahetsek
  8. Bascar Azad
  9. Stop Me
  10. Light to Your Life
  11. The Hope

So Many of Us (2013)Edit

Bliss - So Many of Us
So Many of Us
  1. La Mamounia Theme (Cello Solo)
  2. Desert Sun
  3. Marrakech
  4. The Atlas Mountains (Reprise)
  5. Absence of Fear
  6. Casablanca
  7. Believe
  8. Calling for Prayer
  9. La Mamounia Theme
  10. North Atlantic Ocean
  11. Femmes Du Marroc
  12. Nomads of the Desert
  13. Searching
  14. The Atlas Mountains
  15. End Titles

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