Blink-182:Head Givers Annoynoumus ( On New Record) Lyrics

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Head Givers Annoynoumus ( On New Record)

This song is by blink-182.

Sitting here at my house watching a dvd
Im getting a little horny as it comes to me
why sit here on my ass, and jerk off
when i could go get a girl and have them suck me off

Its three o clock
its time to rock
lets get out of bed
so i could get some....... (head!!!)
(repeat chorus)

Pete yorn loves the corn
jeter loves seeing clevage
obi wan kenobi loves rubbing his shamobi
dogs balls hurt when they fall
and bull balls is the worst of all.

repeat chorus X2

never have i ever, since something clever
how could it be, a annoymous meeting for me
(why would i ever) (why would i ever)

repeat chorus X4