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One Mind

This song is by Blindside and appears on the album Blindside (1997).

i used to be making future plans
as i would dance
at your funeral that's me
the superman i always wanted to be
pretending blindness
i didn't want to find this
something i left behind
but always with me
somehow protecting me
somehow trying to convince this blind man to see

what am i going to say
when you come my way
what am i going to do
when you come through

past present
how on earth did my lifestyle become this pleasant
basically i'm this kite
flying around in this great big night
birdman feeling free
but my strings attached to the man below me
if birdman wanted to fly on his own
he would be a slave to the storm

what am i going to do
what am i going to think
what am i going to say
when stand face to face with you
i will find the words
what am i going to do
what am i going to do
what am i going to do
if i don't
have you

can i
i won't
go on walking without

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