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This song is by Blindside and appears on the album Blindside (1997).

Start the motor let the engine spin
Give it fuel so it can't stop within
Precious precious harmony I say
Won't open the door
Let me in let me stay
In your arms under your wing
Give me some water from your
Everlasting spring
Shut up must stop talking to myself
Shut up must stop rely on my shell
I'm in you you're in me
Glad you came to my senses
cause I didn't

Eye for an eye
Some things are hard to say good bye to
And you
Are what I want to be when I say
I'm invert

Ouch it hurts when my shoulder hit their shoulders
Ouch want to go mainstream just like them
God help me go bolder
I know I'm not and I forgot that I am
Not the one who is going to make things done
All by myself I think I made you tiny
But I am glad you made me see
In your presence you're just growing
And growing and I'm being just me

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