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Compilation by Blind Joe Taggart.
  1. Oh Oh Lonesome Blues
  2. Pennsylvania Woman Blues (Take 1-Test)
  3. Pennsylvania Woman Blues (Take 2)
  1. Wonder Will My Trouble Then Be Over
  2. Strange Things Happening In The Land
  3. Waded In The Water Trying To Get Home
  4. He Done What The World Couldn't Do (Take 2)
  5. He Done What The World Couldn't Do (Take 3)
  6. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
  7. I Ain't No Sinner Now
  8. Pressin' Up That Shiny Way
  9. In That Pearly White City Above
  10. I Wonder Will My Mother Be On That Train?
  11. God's Gonna Separate The Wheat From The Tares
  12. When I Stand Before the King
  13. I Ain't No Sinner Now
  1. Pure Religion
  2. Canaan Land
  3. Motherless Children
  4. I'll Just Stand And Wring My Hands And Cry
  1. Your True Friends
  2. Come And Go With Me to My Father's House
  3. When I Lay My Burden Down
  4. Where Shall I Be When The First Trumpet Sounds?
  5. There'll Be Glory

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