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Blind (2008)Edit

Blind - Blind
  1. Jesus Only Knows
  2. Break Away
  3. We Can Stay
  4. Save Me Now
  5. You
  6. People
  7. Today I Break Loose
  8. Love Is Gone
  9. Triple X
  10. Ordinary Day
  11. Every You Every Me
  12. These Are The Days
  13. Wake Me Up

The Fire Remains (2011)Edit

Blind - The Fire Remains
The Fire Remains
  1. Don't Think So
  2. Teenage Dreams
  3. I've Been Alone
  4. Time Is Running Out
  5. Half A Dream Away
  6. The Fire Remains
  7. Room Without A View
  8. Down
  9. Far Away
  10. I Wish I Could Be You
  11. On The Edge
  12. Moving On

Songs on CompilationsEdit

  1. Ave Maria from Kein Blick Zurück (2006)

Additional information

Band members:
  • Steve Joachim - vocals
  • Fabian Zimmermann - guitar
  • Guido Schwab - bass
  • Gunnar Ritter - drums
Record labels:

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